The 2022 edition of the Bardolino Porsche Classic, scheduled for Sept. 17 and 18 on Lake Garda, will offer participants a fantastic chance to experience the thrilling experience of driving simulation. After all, the world of driving simulation is truly fascinating, both for motoring and gaming enthusiasts. An experience that few can indulge in at home, complicit with the considerable cost of professional setups.
The gran turismo simulator, on the other hand, which will be placed in the VIP area of the Bardolino Porsche Classic, offers maximum customization in terms of technology, realism, setup and investment.
These are its best features: technology and movement system from static to dynamic model from 2 up to 5 dof (degree of freedom). 2 dof, without lateral movement; 3 dof, with lateral movement; 5 dof, with bumps jumping and drifting (skidding).
It also boasts an ultra-realistic technology with d-box actuators, from 2 up to 6, for higher quality and faster replication of car motion realism-a technology, this one, recommended for training professional drivers. Finally, a 3 dof (degree of movements) motion system implemented with drifting, sliding. The business version has three screens, with high-performance pc and dolby bose sound. And more: oil piston handbrake with adjustment and handcrafted pedals with brake and gas.
An undoubtedly enthralling experience that will be offered to visitors of the Bardolino Porsche Classic 2022 and that will not fail to test their driving skills behind the wheel of powerful beasts.