Elisabetta Gallina

Professional journalist and presenter with a keen curiosity about the world of nature and art.
I have a decade of experience as an author, TV format host and event moderator (Italian/English).

From 2011 to 2021, I collaborated permanently with the editorial staffs of TeleArena, TeleMantova and RadioVerona.
Among others, I was the hostess of the Veronese TV service rotogravure “Sei a casa” where, for five years, I reported daily live on current events, character and solidarity stories, customs and traditions.
I also have a great passion for the pet world, which I expressed by leading the program “Noah’s Arena” dedicated to the world of animals for four seasons (2016 – 2020).
Also on green themes, I hosted from 2018 to June 2021 “Vieverdi,” a weekly appointment with the world of agriculture, food and wine, and typical traditions of Northern Italy.

Since 2016, for three summers, I have been a correspondent of the TV format “A place in the front row” for interviews, reviews, trivia and behind-the-scenes coverage of shows in Verona.
I am now multimedia journalistic communication consultant, public speaking and stage direction for Coldiretti Veneto, CLEF Veneto, CSV Verona.
I follow integrated communication projects, conduct ad hoc broadcasts on several TV stations, create working groups for complex video productions, curate ongoing (ANCE Verona, Teatro Salieri) or project-based (Internazionali Tennis Verona, Festa Grande a Santa Viola, Fondazione Barbieri, Belluzzo International Partners) press offices.

I speak English, modern Hebrew and Yiddish.

I love working in teams and turning obstacles into opportunities.

Elisabetta Gallina- Bardolino Porsche
Gigi Vesentini- Bardolino Porsche

Gigi Vesentini

Gigi Vesentini was born and lives in Verona; he has been a sports journalist since 1984, a TV host since 1988 and a lifelong soccer fan.

Valerio Locatelli

A professional journalist, Valerio Locatelli, 66, married with three children, has been a talent scout, creator and host of singing contests.
From a young age he has been an animator in parishes, with scouts, theater plays and outdoor activities.
He has been a registered journalist since 1986, a profession he has always pursued, first as a freelancer and later as an editor in local newspapers and magazines.
Involved in politics since 1983, he has been involved in culture in all administrative terms: first as a delegated city councilor and then as alderman and deputy mayor.

Valerio Locatelli- Bardolino Porsche