year 1961

DRIVER number 001

Formula Junior project born in the 1950s, based on an idea of the first Ferrari dealer in Lombardy, which was Mr. Crepaldi in Milan.

The chassis was built by Mr. Bianchi, a famous mechanic from Lombardy, from a design by Vittorio Jano, the historic Alfa Romeo designer of the 1930s and later Enzo Ferrari, and was bodyworked by Sergio Scaglietti, Enzo Ferrari’s friend and fraternal collaborator (UNIQUE IN HISTORY), ex. For example, from the 250 GTO to all the other prestigious road cars from Maranello that Mr. Sergio Scaglietti coachbuilt. Knowing the HISTORY of the car and who are the people involved, you can imagine the historical value of this car.

Formula 1
Formula 1