30 years after Michael Schumacher’s first victory.

Schumacher ha vinto la sua prima gara nel 1992 a Spa

And at Spa Senna immediately took the lead but was caught shortly after by the Williams drivers. It starts to rain and the pit stop ballet upsets the cards: Senna remains on the track hoping that the asphalt can dry quickly and when he decides to return it is too late. Finally the track dries up and Schumacher is among the first to return to put the slicks back on, while the Williams hesitates. A fatal hesitation: the young German finds himself in the lead and wins his first race in his career ahead of Mansell, Patrese, team mate Brundle and Senna.

“I can’t describe my emotions – says the champagne-soaked winner during the post-race press conference -. Today when I was in my motorhome I felt that I could win this race. And I am happy to have won not because others have had accidents or car problems. I won this race alone ”. Another 90 first places would follow and Schumacher would become the most successful driver in Formula 1 history.